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About Us

Have you ever wished for your favourite pub to serve at your favourite cafe? Ever wished you could walk through Europe and eat Vada Pav? Ever wished you could click your heels and turn things around? Street 1522 stems from that deepest darkest wish for what you know to be impossible but can’t stop wishing for.

We are Eatstreet and 1522, and we have come together to give you the best of both worlds. Street 1522 is the most versatile hospitality offering Bangalore has to offer! Whatever you want, whenever you like, however you need- everything is right here at Street 1522. No matter how old you are, how social you are, how loud you are, there is room for everyone at Street 1522!

Good food
Great drinks
Unforgettable experiences

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Places to explore

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Game Zone

Nothing breaks the ice better than someone trying to teach you how to hold a cue stick right.

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Weekends are more Lit when you're at Street 1522. Stay updated, follow us on Instagram!

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Not a flavour amiss in the vibrant kitchens at Street 1522

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Europe is coming closer now. Find cobbled stone streets and romantic lamps and cafe seating in the soft shade of ficus trees, right here on Sarjapur Road.



1522 Kitchen

A start of every good story is over a drink and a plate from the 1522 Kitchen.

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Brik Oven

The most authentic pizzeria in town, Brik Oven is a sign from the universe that all will be well.

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